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The lighthouse keepers

It takes four keepers to man the lighthouse, a service which is not only desirable but also indispensable.

Working in pairs, the keepers alternate between a two-week tour of duty on the lighthouse followed by one week on shore during the tourist season (Easter to the end of October), and one week on shore / one at sea over the winter.
The shift change takes place on a Friday, at a time determined by the tide, with the relief crew
brought in from Le Verdon-sur-Mer by boat operated by the Phares et Balises authority.

The keepers' many duties include:

  • Greeting visitors, providing information and acting as tour guides, throughout the summer
  • Carrying out routine maintenance and upkeep of the lighthouse
  • Manning the site, day and night, throughout the year, to watch over the monument and prevent vandalism and theft
  • Participating in the environmental management of the plateau, particularly through awareness campaigns aimed at shellfish gatherers


The Cordouan lighthouse keepers have had their own Facebook page since 2013