Cordouan works under the eye of director Pierre Bouchilloux

Director Pierre Bouchilloux followed the latest restoration work at Cordouan.

Over several winters, he followed the workers and craftsmen who took turns restoring the lighthouse to its former glory.

Travaux de Cordouan

The long version of the Cordouan shipyard!

The work being carried out at Cordouan is helping to maintain and disseminate heritage-related skills, as well as adapting them to new technologies. Between 2019 and 2022, a large number of craftsmen will be taking turns at the lighthouse (stonemasons, masons, carpenters, painted decor restorers, master glassmakers, painters, rope makers, etc.). And these trades were filmed by director Pierre Bouchilloux.

Last year, you discovered 8 video episodes (to be found in our media library) produced by DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine with the help of Saison 5. Now we’re offering a longer version of this retrospective.

Follow the artisans as they describe their work, their organization, their restoration choices and their views on this unique and emblematic monument.


Worksite players

Since 2005, the local authorities (Charente-Maritime and Gironde departmental councils, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region) have invested 9.8 million euros in restoring the lighthouse. The breakdown is as follows: 50% for local authorities and 50% for the State (of which 1/3 Ministry of the Sea and 2/3 Ministry of Culture).

The DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine is in charge of the project management, while Michel Goutal, chief architect for historic monuments in the region, is in charge of the project management.

The parts of the lighthouse that did not benefit from work during this latest campaign will be restored in the future. Maintenance and restoration work will continue on a regular basis.