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Advice to visitors

Cordouan is the last remaining offshore lighthouse that is still open to the public. Singular conditions as regards access and visits to the site mean that strict rules must be complied with

Access to the site is subject to tide pattern and magnitude. Access is only permitted by day and for a limited and variable period (between 2½ and 4½ hours), depending on the tide coefficients and on weather conditions.
Landing conditions 
vary depending on the weather conditions, wind, tidal coefficients, etc. The captain of the vessel will make every effort to land passengers as close as possible to the lighthouse but in most cases, part of the journey must be made on foot (a 15 to 20-minute walk). Visitors may find themselves wading up to thigh-deep in water, and sometimes walking on slippery rocks.

Visitors must be equipped with appropriate footwear (plastic sandals) and clothing.

Visit length and conditions

Visitors must hold a valid ticket in order to enter the lighthouse.
Guided tours of the lighthouse are conducted in groups, limited to a maximum of 30 people per group. The duration of the lighthouse tower visit may vary (minimum 20 minutes). The keepers guiding you around will do their best to adjust the length of your visit according to the number of visitors.
The other areas (the lighthouse's base plate) may be visited freely, as an addition to the guided tour of the lighthouse itself.


Children under 12 must be under adult supervision at all times throughout the visit, both during the guided tour of the building and in the courtyard.
In order to climb the 301 steps of the lighthouse tower, visitors must be physically fit. Anyone
with a heart condition or respiratory problems is not permitted to climb the tower.


The rocky plateau around the lighthouse is a fragile ecological habitat. In order to preserve the ecosystem of the intertidal zone, and the 200 species living there, any overturned rocks must be returned to their original position.

Admission fee

The lighthouse tour costs €10 for adults and €5 for children. This covers admission to and the tour of the lighthouse. Transport costs are not included, and depend on the boat company operating the crossing. To book a combined crossing and lighthouse tour, please contact the boat companies directly.
Bear in mind that you are visiting a site unlike any other in the world, one that offers a new experience with every visit.

Animals are not admitted into the lighthouse.

To enjoy optimal conditions for your visit, making the trip outside the peak holiday season (mainly July and August) is recommended.