Art and nature residency

After having welcomed the photographer and calligrapher Nicolas Camoisson in residence in 2021, SMIDDEST wishes to support the second part of his work. This time, the project focuses on enhancing the biodiversity of the Cordouan foreshore. A look back at an art and nature residency.



Une résidence art et nature

Towards a seaweed farm in Cordouan

The landscape surrounding Cordouan is in constant motion. Indeed, a sandbank has gradually formed over the years and has now become an island on which vegetation has begun to grow.

For this second residence at Cordouan, Nicolas Camoisson is following in the footsteps of Anna Atkins. A British botanist and oceanographer, she was a pioneer in the use of the cyanotype. This is a photographic printing process on a blue background which gives a monochrome atmosphere full of nuances.

Because seasonality is essential, the photographer has planned several working residencies to highlight biodiversity throughout the seasons. His objective? To create a “seaweed garden” of the different plant species present on the site. Or how to mix art and heritage in this very “natural” residence.

In addition, the artist is conducting a project with the maritime high schools of La Rochelle and Ciboure, to raise awareness among high school students about the preservation of natural spaces. Thus, the different species of fish are a source of inspiration and become works of street art.

And you can see the photographer’s work at the “Celebrate Cordouan” event in Royan on 2 July!