Thematic visit “discovery of the rocky plateau”.

Leaving from Le Verdon-sur-Mer, on 30 October, on a themed guided tour, discover the biodiversity present on the rocky plateau of Cordouan.

Discover the crabs, starfish, blue algae and other creatures that inhabit the Cordouan rocky foreshore.

Visite plateau_Offre de visite 2021

Over 300 species identified

The lighthouse is built on a rocky islet which is uncovered at each low tide. This foreshore is teeming with animal and plant species.

It is part of the Parc Naturel marin de l’Estuaire de la Gironde et de la Mer des Pertuis, a vast marine protected area which extends over 65,000 km2 on the Atlantic coast. The Cordouan plateau is therefore part of an exceptional natural environment.

Human activity is relatively limited due to its difficult access. However, it deserves special attention.

Useful informations

On arrival at Cordouan, you can visit the interior of the lighthouse on your own. Once you have climbed the 301 steps and admired the view of the Gironde estuary, you can explore the rocky plateau of Cordouan. Keep your eyes peeled for the hermits, mussels, shrimps and other species that live at the foot of the lighthouse!

The visit is guided for a group of a maximum of 15 adults.

The price is €8 per adult (in addition to the lighthouse entrance fee).

The schedule of this visit is compatible with the 11:30 am departure from Verdon-sur-Mer with Les Vedettes La Bohême :


This tour is also available from Royan on 29 october.