Sea meeting in Brest 2022

The Auditorium of Capucins library in Brest will host “Sea meeting” on Thursday 9 June, where the Cordouan lighthouse will be in the spotlight. The various aspects of its maritime culture will be on the agenda. The emphasis will be on the heritage aspect, without forgetting the restoration work which will be completed in 2022.

Solange Majourau from the DIRM Sud-Atlantique (a government department which owns the lighthouse) and Mélissa Dallon from SMIDDEST (the manager of the Cordouan lighthouse) will represent the lighthouse.

endless story

The Cordouan lighthouse has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2021, and is recognised for its true value both in terms of its architecture and the biodiversity that surrounds it. It was Henri III who ordered the architect Louis de Foix to design the lighthouse. As a result, it became an essential monument on the Atlantic coast. Indeed, its architectural splendour shines through its lantern which overlooks the Gironde estuary. This gives it a unique and exceptional character.

At another time, Jean Teulère led the heightening of the tower, which gave it its definitive shape. Despite the fact that Cordouan has a history whose origins have been lost, it never seems to end. It has been guiding ships for 4 centuries and is a precious maritime signalling tool. On the other hand, it remains the only French example of a lighthouse that is inhabited all year round, and this for eternity Cordouan is sacred as an exceptional common property of humanity.

The Cordouan lighthouse will be honoured during the  “Sea meeting” in Brest on Thursday 9 June. It is in Brittany where the different aspects of its maritime culture will be presented. In addition, the heritage aspect will be presented, without forgetting the restoration work which is being completed this year.