June 19 – thematic visit on restorations

On June 19, in small groups, on the occasion of a thematic guided tour, discover the Cordouan lighthouse through the recent or historical restoration work.

Entré du vestibule

The work on the lighthouse deserves a specific visit

The history of the Cordouan lighthouse is marked by major works and a large-scale campaign has just been completed. Thus, each winter, once the lighthouse is closed to the public, the workers and craftsmen take up residence and share the daily life of the keepers. Supplies to the site are organized by sea transport or helicopter. The quantities of stone, lime and tools needed must therefore be calculated as precisely as possible. Raising, cutting, replacing, sculpting… the work is meticulous and precise.

The different facets of the site will be presented to you during a guided tour in small groups.

An exhibition entitled « Les travaux de Cordouan » has been displaying at the lighthouse since April 2.

Maximum 15 adult participants per visit. Supplement: 8 € per person

The schedule for this visit is compatible with the 11:45 am departure from Verdon-sur-Mer with the Vedettes La Bohême : Reservation