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UNESCO application

Cordouan News

Heading for World Heritage status

If you think Cordouan is of outstanding universal value, and deserves to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, please sign up – free of charge – to become a member of the Support Committee

2015: the process is underway

Having been included since 2002 on the Tentative List of monuments to be put forward for nomination as UNESCO World Heritage sites, Cordouan will take the process closer to fruition in 2015.

For the State, which owns the monument, and SMIDDEST, which has managed the site since 2010, now is the time for Cordouan to stake its claim to be included on the World Heritage List. And what a claim! Its outstanding location at the mouth of the Gironde estuary, its immense architectural value (acknowledged for over 150 years by its status as an Historic Monument of France) and its place in the history of the development of lighting techniques (it was here that Fresnel lenses were first developed) are also powerful arguments to lay before the various committee stages that lie ahead along the long road to UNESCO approval.
With a target date of 2018 for possible inclusion, work on preparing the application must begin now. The Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Aquitaine (Aquitaine Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) will shortly begin drafting the application. SMIDDEST will be busy drumming up the political, media and public support essential to an application of this kind.